Alter Ego: Angelica Jones
Hair Color:
Reddish Brown  
Eye Color :
Student at ESU
Legal Status:
American Citizen
Marital Status:
Group Affiliation:
    [Former member of the X-Men]  
Base Of Operations:
New York  
Boarder at May Parker's  
Yellow bodysuit; red mask; red gloves
    and boots with orange cuffs.  Red hair.    
A mutant, Angelica has the power to
    control heat in all of it's forms as well as 
    the ability to fly.
Nicknames: Angel; Hotstuff 
Side note: Poor little Firestar just barely made the final cut. The first choice to be the third Spider-Friend was the Human Torch. But the people in charge decided his "fiery" look might give kids the idea to play with fire. So Firestar was created as a similar replacement.


Biography: It is uncertain whether or not her mother died or walked out on the family, but Angelica was raised by her father.  Although they never had much money, the kind hearted Mr. Jones proved an attentive father and therefore her home life was arelatively happy one. Angelica's father worked hard as home advisor to provide this happy home life.  Angelica's "gifts" began to manifest at an early age and so it took her a little while to gain control over them. Inevitably, however, accidents did occur and after unwittingly melting both a snowman and a dolls house she was given the name "Miss Angelica Jinx" and taunted by the other children.  One little rich girl, named Bonnie, persisted in harassing Angelica throughout her school days, but she never let it get the better of her. In fact on one occasion Bonnie's bullying lead to the discovery of Angelica's favorite gift, the power of flight.  Not long after this happy revelation her new found ability was put to good use.  While visiting her father at his job on a construction site, she [in disguise] saved his life by flying him to safety when part of the high story building he was working on collapsed beneath him. From then on she realized that her powers could be used to really help people and save lives. During her senior year in high school, Firestar was born.  Having been framed for stealing the school's golden trophy cup and wrongfully suspended, Angelica sewed together a costume and set out to prove her innocence by catching the guilty party [namely Bonnie and her boyfriend].
             Her plan worked, the two culprits were expelled and Angelica's name was cleared. The uncertainty she felt over what she should do next soon dissolved when The X-Men tracked her down and asked her to join them. She accepted and was consequently trained. This is where she met fellow X-Man, and future Spider-Friend, Bobby Drake.  The two eventually left the X-Men though remained in contact with them. (It is also mentioned in an episode that Angelica spent some time studying on the west coast, where she met Nathan Price/Cyberiad.)
             Angelica first met Peter at an inventor's convention and when he subsequently discovered that she was in fact Firestar, she was enthusiastic over his proposal to join up as a team and it was Angelica who invented the name "The Spider-Friends." Angelica is currently a student at ESU and boards at May Parker's house with Peter, Bobby and her dog Ms.Lion.  Aunt May acts as more than just a home advisor to the 3 students. Her guidance as home advisor helps the kids through their daily lives.

Comic Book Capers: Firestar [unlike Spider-Man and Iceman] was created expressly for the series Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends. The show garnered her much attention and she eventually was introduced into the comic book world.  Though first appearing in The Uncanny X-men #193, Firestar's story was told in her own 4 issue limited series, simply titled Firestar.  The limited series [which took place over a period of almost 3 years and followed Angelica's progress from the age's of 13 to nearly 16] stipulated the following:
Firestar's origin was told in
1: Her father's name is Bartholomew "Bart" Jones.
2: Unlike his TV counterpart, the comic book Mr.Jones knows that his daughter is a mutant and although ill at ease with the fact at first, he after some time came to accept it.
3: Angelica had a beloved grandmother who died in the first issue.
4: She has a cat named Pumpkin not a dog named Ms.Lion.
5: Angelica [although later becoming friends with The X-Men] was trained at the Massachusetts Academy by Emma Frost a.k.a. The White Queen and hence joined her team The Hellions.  After realizing that she had been used all along for evil purposes, Angelica got even and went to live back home with her father.
     When The New Warriors comic came in to being back in the early 90's, Firestar was called in to action again.  Still living with her father and attending High school, Angelica joined this new band of mutants in order to fight for truth and justice in and around the New York area.  She fell in love with and later became engaged to team mate Vance Astrovik a.k.a. Justice. [Occasionally Spider-Man teamed up with the group and although therefore the pair could be considered friends, this Firestar and Spider-Man were no where near as close as their TV counter parts were in the series.] When The New Warriors eventually dismembered, Angelica and Vance joined The Avengers for adventure in their own comic.