WHOA!  WOLVE-FREAKIN-RINE & THE X-MEN!!!!  This one satiated the withdrawals I'd been having since "7 Little Superheroes" aired.  ABSOLUTELY GREAT from beginning to end.  Firestar's origin is extremely enjoyable and well written (and that's saying a lot considering that it's taking screen time away from The X-Men!).  The X-Men were all the rage in comic books when this episode aired and to see some of these characters animated for the first time was a grand event...epecially with the great animation of these second season episodes.

Another one of my favourites and I completely agree with Jon.  This was my first introduction to the X-Men and Iíve had a fondness for them ever since.  Like Jon said, Firestar's story is extremely enjoyable and as a child I was engrossed; my favourite part still being when Angelica discovers that she has the ability to fly.  As a character created expressly for the series it really was of interest to discover more about her background and I think the writers did an excellent job in conveying her past to the audience. Having the Juggernaut as the villain in this episode was very apt.

Even though this has the first appearance in cartoon form of many of the "new" X-Men this one is a little corny for my tastes.  Now I have nothing against Christy Marx.  I love the cartoons she has scripted and she really knows how to write compelling characters.  Not having any previous Marvel comics to draw on for an origin story, I think she did a fine job but it just doesn't grab me.  Some of the dialogue is just too over the top but at times it makes me smirk.  Still there are some great things, like having the guts to include Wolverine (which I know probably caused some concern).  Also the finale was pretty action packed too.  I think it would have been hard to do a better story for Firestar's origin.  All in all, this episode fares a little better than average for me.