I have to say this was one of the better third season episodes as obviously a lot of thought went into this one.  I guess they thought Spider-Man fans would blindly accept the premise for the show but, oh...they had questions. Fortunately the answers they came up with were quite good.  Great to see how they all got together.  The Beetle was a great choice for a villain. Tony Stark showing up was great too and doing so without making Iron Man the main focus took guts.  I know it sure must have been tempting to want to use Iron Man in more than just a cameo shot in outer space.  Well done and entertaining.   I'm glad they didn't explain them getting together until the third season.  I don't know if they would have come up with a better story if they had done this kind of show as a first season episode.


Well said Mark.  Though I do not love this episode, I don't feel that it could have been done any better in a single episode. The writer here is given a BIG challenge of explaining why the gang has all of the 'forced-upon' network gimmicks (i.e., Ms. Lion and their computer/crime lab) AND how the team got together.  Great solutions are used that actually make this wacky cartoon seem plausible.  In the course of doing so, I think it hurt the flow of the story a bit. Too much felt squeezed and forced out and not a lot of the charm of this show is present.  Still...kudos to the writer for pulling this episode off this well. 

Mark, I do agree with you but I have to say that this episode has always been one of my favourites!  I think it was a real treat to see how the gang met and founded the Spider-Friends.  This is where character relationships were formed and other aspects of the show were explained.  It was indeed extremely plausible that Aunt May would need to take in student borders to help financially.  It was good to see Peter at work at the Daily Bugle contending with J. Jonah Jameson.  I love the scene where Peter first meets Angelica and subsequently when Spidey first bumps into Firestar and Iceman.  I like it when Bobby and Angelica tease Peter in the ESU canteen making him hot and cold.  I like the way Peter discovers their secret identities, and their excitement the first time they transform the boys room into their crime lab.  I appreciate the way the writer had Bobby and Angelica mention that they used to be X-Men (good continuity) and I like the way they had a discussion about what to call the team.  I also like the fact the Beetle was featured as was Tony Stark.  In all I think that its a really good episode!