The current master copies of the show are complete in their running time but do not have all of the original Stan Lee narrations.  For unknown reasons, the third season episodes include MOST of the narrations but not all of them.  Listed below is the dialogue of every narration Stan Lee did that we had available.  Highlighted in red is stuff that is unavailable to us at the present.  Unfortunately, all the episodes were edited in subsequent airings on NBC so this list could very easily be missing some dialogue beyond where it is stipulated.  If you have copies of the missing episodes that include narration or see any errors, please let us know so that this list can be updated with the correct information.
- BLUE:  The Stan Lee dialogue that IS on the current masters.
 - WHITE: The Stan Lee narration that is NOT on the current master copies. Click on the speaker icon (
) to hear each.
- RED: Episodes of which we have not been unable to find an airing that includes the Stan Lee narration. 

Triumph of the Green Goblin
(Opening) "A sudden storm inundates New York.
Thunder, lightning, and the incessant downpour of pounding rain. This is Stan Lee, hoping you’re warm and comfortable while you watch….’cause you’re about the witness one of the strangest adventures of all.”
(Closing) “This is Stan Lee saying Excelsior!”

The Crime of all Centuries
(Opening) “In New York City, anything is possibly. Anything can happen…and it usually does. This is Stan Lee, warning you that the scenes from this movie are not nearly as spectacular as the story you are now about to see.”
(No closing)
The Fantastic Mr. Frump
(Opening) “What would you do if you had all the power in the universe?  This is Stan Lee sharing the wonder with you as we watch the world's most diabolical villain, Dr. Doom, striving to seize that power.”
(No closing)


(Opening) “What if Firestar met someone with power as great as her own? This is Stan Lee tipping you off. His name is Sunfire and you’ll never forget him!”
(No closing)


(Opening; after brief comments by Professor Wells) “This is Stan Lee warning you to…beware! No matter how innocent this scene may look you’ll soon meet Swarm: the horror from outer space!”
(No closing)
7 Little Superheroes
(Opening) “This is Stan Lee. The next voice you hear will be the Chameleon: the most dangerous man on Earth.”
(No closing)
The Fantastic Mr. Frump
Unavailable (We do NOT have a version of the episode that includes the narration. Please contact us if you have it.)
The Prison Plot
(Opening) "All prisons are bad but take it from Stan Lee, this one's the worst. And THIS is where Spidey is.
Spidey goes Hollywood
(Opening) "See Spidey in the movies!  See the evil Mysterio!  And the Incredible Hulk!  This is Stan Lee...with your ticket to the greatest adventure of all!
The Vengeance of Loki
Unavailable (We do NOT have a version of the episode that includes the narration. Please contact us if you have it.)
Knights and Demons
(Opening) “This is Stan Lee taking you to meet the Black Knight and Darkon the Dragon…if you dare!”
(Closing) ”This is Stan Lee saying Excelsior!”
Pawns of the Kingpin
(Opening; OVER the title card) “This is Stan Lee warning you we haven’t a minute to lose. The Kingpin is waiting.”
(No closing)

Pawns of the Kingpin
(Opening) “Everything seems peaceful…but don’t let it fool you. This is Stan Lee warning you and Spidey…and the mysterious Hiawatha Smith…to beware of the dangerous Red Skull.
(No closing)

The Origin of the Iceman
(Opening) “Hey, this is Stan Lee. What would happen if a superhero lost his power when he needed it the most? This one you’ll never forget! It starts with Videoman…a living electronic monster who is our heroes’ deadliest enemy. He was miraculously brought to life when he was only an electronic image in this same computer game…a game which is now destined for destruction. [Pause] But how can you destroy a living video image? What if the deadly electronic monster still lives? And if he does live…what will happen when he again meets Spidey and his amazing friends?
(12:04; return from commercial) “The thunder, the lightning, the electricity! They all combine to bring Videoman back to life!”
(No closing)
Along came Spidey
(Opening) “Hi, Spidey fans. This is Stan Lee bringing you my favorite story of all. The exciting tale of how Peter Parker first became the Amazing Spider-Man. And now, lets visit a maximum security prison, where we see…”
(Closing) “And thanks to you, Spidey fans, for making Spidey and his friends the most popular superheroes of all. This is Stan Lee. Excelsior!”
A Firestar is Born
(Opening) “Hi gang. This is Stan Lee. We all know that Firestar is really Angelica Jones. But today we’re going to learn how she got that way. Unless the Juggernaut catches her first. What’s that? Who’s the Juggernaut? Oh boy…just you wait!”
(18:35; After Firestar recounts first meeting the X-Men) But where’s Spidey? Oh yeah, he’s still trapped under that cave-in.”
(Closing) “And this is Stan Lee, proudly saying their friendship has lasted 'til this very day. Excelsior!”

Spider-Man: Unmasked!
(Opening) “Hi, this is Stan Lee, wishing I could be where our heroes are. But maybe I shouldn’t feel too envious. It won’t be this peaceful much longer.”
(04:02) “Watch closely now. Don’t turn away. Don’t even blink! The sandcastle is changing…is transforming into the one human being on Earth who alone has the power to change the fantastic molecules of his body into any form he desires. The Sandman!  A villain made of living sand.”
(09:49; return from commercial) “Where is Spider-Man? Has Peter Parker really given up his superhero identity? Lets find out.”
(No closing)

The Transylvanian Connection
(Opening) “Hi, Spidey fans! This is Stan Lee inviting you to the annual dance at good ol’ ESU.” [Pause] “But take my advice: don’t get too comfortable…’cause we’ll be knee deep in danger before you know it.”
(02:18) “Suddenly, Peter Parker gets that ol’ tingling sensation.”
(04:25) “But while they kid around, lets dash to the airport…where a strange looking private jet is waiting. Waiting for what?”
(06:29) "You probably guessed it yourself. But there’s no time to congratulate you…’cause look who’s coming!”
(07:15) “The mention of his name…the sound of his voice…they slowly penetrate Angelica’s subconscious mind.”
(11:02) “Speaking of trouble, he never expected the cold, cold earth to snap Angelica right out of her trance.”
(12:22) “And now, back to our web-headed wonder and his frisky little frozen friend as they return to…Tran-syl-vania!”
(18:14) “Firestar in the very center of the world’s strangest tug-of-war. Each second is a greater strain until, at last…”
(No Closing)

The Education of a Superhero
(Opening) “This is it, true believers! I’m Stan Lee, about to bring you the newest, most unbelievable superhero of all. Lets visit the busiest spot on campus the exciting video games arcade. But, before you know it, the fun will turn to fear as the impossible happens.”
(02:41) “Poor Francis. He doesn’t know how wrong he is. Right now, in a lonely part of town, somebody IS about to stop him…and the whole world as well. He’s a genius, a mad evil maniacal genius known as…the Gamesman. And he’s experimenting with his most dangerous, his most fantastic invention.”
(07:03) “Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of teenagers are assembling in Central Park, under the spell of the Gamesman.”
(10:06; return from commercial) “It finally happened. The Gamesman’s dreaded invention has turned the huge crowd of teenagers against their greatest heroes: Spider-Man, Iceman and Firestar.”
(16:22) “Almost at the speed of light, Videoman streaks through the maze of wires following the powerful pulses right back to their source.”
(17:42; return from commercial) “Look at them. Thousands of hypnotized teenagers controlled by the Gamesman, moving against the cities police stations. But Firestar and Iceman are also on the move. [Pause for web-transition] Poor Spidey. He can’t find a way to trace the Gamesman’s signals, when suddenly…”
(20:42) “Zooming at the lightning speed of computer blips, Videoman reaches the communication satellite center in micro-seconds.”
(No closing)

Attack of the Arachnoid
(Opening) “Hi gang! Did you ever wonder what would happen if Spidey decided to use his powers for crime? Well, hang loose heroes…this is Stan Lee warning you, we’ll soon find out!”
(01:40) “Z-99! The mysterious gas that turns normal people into dangerous supercriminals.”
(03:07) “Iceman doesn’t know how wrong he is. Or how he and Firestar will soon be battling Spidey himself!”

(10:01; return from commercial) “I warned you it would happen: Spidey’s been arrested! And the worst is yet to come!”
(11:43) “Someday Spidey may learn that his blind lawyer, Matt Murdock, is really the famous superhero, Daredevil!” [Scene edited from ABC FAMILY/TOON DISNEY version; not edited from UPN]
(12:01) “Jail. Its bad enough for a criminal…but how about a superhero?”
(16:39; return from commercial) “While Firestar and Iceman lie unconscious from the attack of the Arachnoid, our web-swinging hero isn’t fairing much better as he faces the sting of the Scorpion!”
(Closing) “Well, The world may be filled with Scorpions and Arachnoids and whatever…but we’ll take Spider-Man!” 
Origin of the Spider-Friends
(Opening) “Face front heroes. This is Stan Lee. Believe it or not, you asked for today’s story. And many of you demanded that we tell you how its possible that these students, who never seem to have much money, could possibly afford their incredible secret crime-fighting lab. Well, at good ol’ Marvel, we listen to our fans. That’s why right now, on this very show, you’re going to get the answer to all your questions. Our amazing story begins a few years ago.”
(2:00) “Publicity stunt? Imagine what the world would say if it knew how those amazing photos were really taken.” 
(03:16) “Sounds easy, huh? Just gets shots of Iceman and Firestar. The problem is…how? Well, sometimes fate can lend a hand or, should I say…a paw?”
(04:10) “Seconds later, Peter notices Tony Stark, the brilliant inventor, who owns Stark International.”

(04:57) "The Beetle will stop at nothing.  He knows this new computer will make his battle suit more powerful than ever."
(9:00) “Peter knows full well—the chemicals in the science lab catch on fire—they’ll blow the school sky-high!

(09:10; return from commercial) “We can’t waste a second as we continue the story of how the Spider-Friends first met!  While a fire rages in the science building at ESU… Our young heroes, not realizing that each has a secret identity, have just separated from each other to prevent a catastrophic explosion in the science lab.”
(10:45) “And then, on that fateful night, as Peter develops his film… [Pause for dialogue] Our hero is too excited to sleep. All he can think of is, what a terrific team they’d be: Spider-Man! Iceman! Firestar! But he’d have to tell them his own secret identity…Can he do it?”
(13:06) “Dear old Aunt May. Little did she suspect the changes her new boarders would make. [Pause] See what I mean. Superheroes always need a way to get in and out without being seen, right? [Pause] Well, while the Spider-Friends make themselves comfortable the Beetle plans to do just the opposite to Tony Stark.”
(14:25; return from commercial) “There goes the Beetle, flying off with Tony Stark, not suspecting that the famous inventor is wearing his latest invention: the incredible Power Booster.”
(17:03) “And there you have it. That’s how our heroes managed to get their own crime computer and their hidden laboratory.”
(20:27) “Our heroes wouldn’t be so puzzled if they knew that Iron Man is Tony Stark himself, who, at this very moment, is thousands of miles away on a secret government mission.”
(No closing)

Spidey meets the Girl from Tomorrow
(No Opening)
(02:25) “But Peter Parker might not agree with them for our hero is about to embark on the most dramatic adventure of his life [Pause] While his two friends laugh it up at the astrology party, Peter is scanning the skies above through a powerful telescope. But little does he realize that something is happening out there in a distant galaxy, five thousand years in the future. Something he’ll never forget!”
(05:07) “But Peter isn’t the only one was saw the spacecraft’s blip. Another pair of eyes has caught the mysterious flash. The eyes of one of the most dangerous, demonical villains in the mighty marvel universe! The super evil, super powerful…Doctor Octopus!”
(10:51) “Our hero is so captivated by the girl from the future that he forgets about the severed tentacle. The tentacle that Doc Ock can control from far away…by mental power alone!”

(12:48) “Almost at the moment that Firestar finds the pumicite, Iceman tries for the salanon.”

(16:24) "Desperately, frantically, Firestar and Iceman streak through the skies with the feverish Ariel, racing for the nearest hospital...where, seconds later, the doctors make an incredible discovery.

(19:20) And so, the diabolical Dr. Octopus has been defeated.  But another problem faces Peter and Ariel...
(No closing)

The X-Men Adventure
(Opening) “If you're wondering what Firestar is doing aboard a fantastic space ship, don’t ask Stan Lee. I hate to give away a great surprise!”
(1:46) ”The robot turned off the ship’s gravity. Without gravity Firestar is weightless. Even worse…she’s helpless.”
(2:16) “You guessed it! We’re in the secret training headquarters of the world famous X-Men. Each was born with a marvelous super power, just like Firestar and Iceman.”
(4:19) “At the last split second, the missile zooms away from Spidey, attracted by Firestar’s red hot flame."
(9:32; return from commercial) ”Its hard to believe that one vengeance crazed man has trapped both the Spider-Friends and the X-Men. But he's more than a man: he's part robot, part living computer...and his mad scheme of revenge threatens to destroy the entire X-Men mansion and everyone inside."
(16:46) return from commercial) “Every second counts! Our heroes must reach Cyberiad in time to prevent the terrifying meltdown which threatens them all. But, in order to get there, they first must survive the mysterious Maze of Madness”.
(18:08) “Firestar knows she is the one Cyberiad is after. No matter how great the odds, everything depends on her.”
(No closing)

Mission: Save the Guardstar
(Opening) “Hi, true believers! Do you like fireworks? Well, your old buddy Stan Lee sure does! [pause] And I hope our heroes do too…’cause fireworks are what they’re in for...when they learn that Iceman has been keeping a secret from them. An amazing secret that well may change their very lives!”
(04:24) “This is S.H.I.E.L.D., the secret security force that protects all of Earth from the greatest dangers known to man. And this is its airborne headquarters, a gigantic flying helicarrier”
(5:59) "Outside it looks like a gloomy run-down warehouse, empty and abandoned. But no one suspects what's happening....inside."
(8:20; return from commercial) “The secret is out, at last! Iceman just told his two startled partners that Lightwave is…his sister.”
(15:02; return from commercial, after dialogue) “Little does the TV newscaster suspect how wrong he is. For, within the mysterious warehouse, Lightwave and her unknown master have different plans for the mighty satellite. And for the Spider-Friends, as well!”
(No closing)


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