SPIDER-MAN, ICEMAN, & FIRESTAR: THE SPIDER-FRIENDS! The animated television series Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends originally aired on the NBC network Saturday mornings beginning in 1981. Though originally proposed as a show similar to the Spider-Man comic books, the network felt that Spidey needed some additional elements to make him accessible to a wider audience. Iceman (from Marvel Comics' X-MEN) and an original character, Firestar, were added as well as <shudder> a cute little dog for comic relief. Despite the network's intervention, the creators pulled off a wonderfully charming show that is fondly remembered by children of the 1980s as a classic.

- Kathy Garver & Dan Gilvezan interview at Spider-Man Crawlspace!
- HAPPY 30th SM&HAF!  New FAN ART!!
- HAPPY 30th SM&HAF!  Interview with writer DON GLUT!!
- Just in time for the 30th anniversary, the show is on NETFLIX!
- New fan art from Flávio Soares!!! 
- Super cool new fan art from Bill Walko!!! REVISED!
- New interview with show designer RICK HOBERG!!
- Awesome new fan art from Joel Lovins!!!
- A Ms. Lion action figure ??????
- Excellent review of the Spider-Friends action figures!
- DVD quality screen captures in the EPISODE GUIDE.
- The show is airing again on DISNEY XD. See Below.
- If you have 16MM copies of the show, please e-mail me! 
- Please help to complete the STAN LEE NARRATION LIST !

The previous rights problems with the show were between Disney and Marvel.  Since Disney has now purchased Marvel one would assume that Disney can release the show whenever they feel like it.  They are currently releasing the 90's X-Men cartoon.  (See TVSHOWONDVD.COM.)  Please continue to show your support for the show by signing the petition below.  Also, at TVSHOWSONDVD.COM, Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends is currently ranked as the 39th most desired unreleased DVD.  (X-Men was the 9th.)  Be sure to sign up at the site and vote for it so that it can get even higher on the list!

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- All episodes in chronological (production) order
- All episodes uncut (including the Stan Lee narrations that are
  partially missing from the current masters)
- The "making of" special called Spider-Man: On the move  
- The 15 second teasers that originally aired before each episode
- Storyboards for at least one episode per disc
- A script for at least one episode per disc
- Audio commentary from the writers or any creators
- Cover art APPROPRIATE for the show (See pic at right)
- The three different intros for the show

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1982 INCREDIBLE HULK CARTOON- http://hulk.toonzone.net
The creators of Spider-Friends.com and the 1981 solo Spidey website have created a web site based on the 1982 Incredible Hulk cartoon.  The cartoon originally aired on the NBC network in the fall of '82 along with Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.  The site includes a comprehensive episode guide, picture gallery and memorabilia – with more to come!  Be sure to check it out at hulk.toonzone.net!

1981 SOLO SPIDER-MAN CARTOON - http://spider-man.toonzone.net
The amazing Jon Talpur has concocted a wonderful site based on the 1981 solo Spider-Man cartoon.  For those who don't already know, the solo cartoon shared many of the same designs and creators of The Incredible Hulk as well as Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends but the show is not as well known since it was not shown on a national TV network.  Be sure to check it out at spider-man.toonzone.net!

*All characters are property of Marvel Comics and are used without permission.