26 episodes - listed in the original production order.

Doctor Octopus plans to steal the world's oil with his new jewel-encrusted arms.

Dr. Doom brainwashes the entire U.N. assembly, and is proclaimed ruler of the world.

Spidey battles the Lizard, as he tries to turn New York into a reptile paradise..

The Black Cat issues a challenge to Spidey, while plotting the theft of a valuable artifact.

The Sandman becomes invincible after absorbing radioactive soil from Mars.

Magneto holds the Earth to ransom after stealing all the satellites in orbit.

Mysterio's disco music hypnotises the youth of New York into becoming his army.

 Dr. Doom is again elected master of the world, thanks to his android duplicates.

Spidey is framed for a series of robberies by the Ringmaster.

The Green Goblin attacks while Spidey attends a Halloween costume party at ESU.

Spidey is conned into competing on a T.V. show against the Stuntman.

Goron, Dr. Doom's new partner, attempts to launch every nuclear missile in the world.

Spidey vs. a high-tech cowboy at the in-town rodeo.

Ka-Zar comes to New York after Kraven kidnaps his companion Zabu.

Spidey is cut down in size by the Gadgeteer.

Professor Gizmo lures Spidey into salvaging a sunken treasure ship.

A new earthquake fault line is created by Dr. Doom's laser canon.

The Red Skull kidnaps Captain America. Spidey follows him to his lair.

Spidey joins the Latverian resistance, attempting to overthrow Dr. Doom.

Trying to duplicate Spidey's powers, a scientist turns into a half-man, half-spider.

Dr. Doom finally controls the Earth after moving it out of orbit. Spidey tries to stop him.

The Chameleon poses as Uncle Ben's spirit in an effort to use Aunt May as Spider-Man's assassin.

The Vulture kidnaps a group of scientists to help him steal a precious space probe.

Pollution from the Kingpin angers the Sub-Mariner, who takes it out on the city.

The Kingpin sets Spidey up to steal valuable items.

Spidey tries to free Medusa from the Wizard's influence.


*All characters are property of Marvel Comics and are used without permission.